Grading of Diamond Studded Jewellery

Considering the growing demand from the Gem & Jewellery Industry in India, GII has also started diamond studded jewellery grading certification.

Studded Jewellery segment especially in the domestic market is growing very rapidly. Consumers are to be given the maximum transparency about the products, with a view to keep the consumer’s confidence in the jewellery articles very high. Under the circumstances, GII started grading and certifying diamond and coloured stone studded jewellery on nominal charges.

The jewellery certificates contain a range of colour and clarity grade of diamonds studded in the Jewellery along with detailed description of the jewellery article. A colour photograph accompanies the report to further authenticate the Jewellery article.

This work is more complex than the analysis of loose stones. Without dismantling the jewellery items, GII has developed techniques for providing expert and impartial analysis identification, grading and certification of a jewelry articles, studded with diamonds and other coloured gem stones.

The first Research & Development Laboratory in the field of Gemstones in India recognized by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India as SIRO.

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