Report of the Seminar on Current status on Research on Diamond and Gemstones held on 27th April, 2024 in Bharat Diamond Bourse Convention Hall, BKC, Bandra.


GII Seminar on Current status on Research on Diamond and Gemstones at Bharat Diamond Bourse Convention Hall, BKC, Bandra on 27th April 29, 2024 started at 9:30 hrs. R&D and Testing & Diamond Grading colleagues and a few trustees participated in the Seminar. Eminent speakers from the relevant fields have delivered talks on Research pertaining to R&D on Diamond and Gemstones and applications.

From Left to Right: Smt. Silvia Sequeira, Head Education Dvpt, GII, Dr. Naveen Chauhan, PRL, Prof. Padmanabh Rai, CEBS, Prof. D. Haranath, NITW, Shri Shripalkumar N. Desai, RAB Member, Dr. AVR Reddy, CEO, GII, Prof. Pravin Henriques, St. Xaviers, Smt. Tanuja Marathe, Fergusson College, Dr. V. Sudarsan, BARC, Shri Sandesh Mane, Head GII Laboratories, BDB, Shri Mahesh Gaonkar, Head R&D, Shri Milind Varhadpande, Head Diamond Grading and GII colleagues are standing behind.

Mr. Sandesh Mane, Head GII Laboratories in BDB welcomed experts and the participants, briefed about the seminar and conducted the proceedings. Dr. AVR Reddy, CEO of GII explained about the importance of the seminar, cursory details of speakers, and urged the participants to interact with the experts.

Prof. D. Haranth presenting the talk.

Prof. D Harnath, NIT, Warangal, talked on Luminescence spectroscopy of diamond like materials. He explained the structure and characterization techniques for identification of Diamond like materials. Such as Carbon, Polycrystalline diamond, Carbon Nano Tubes and Cubic Boron Nitride. He spoke on Photoluminescence and Fluorescence studies. Lifetime measurements are very useful in defect characterization and can be used to study the diamond defects.

Dr. Naveen Chauhan, Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad, delivered a talk on TL/OSL techniques and relevance to diamonds. He explained the Fluorescence and phosphorescence mechanism in solids and their role in Thermoluminescence (TL) and Optically stimulated Luminescence (OSL) studies. TL and OSL techniques are routinely used in space dosimetry, accidental dosimetry and age determination of minerals like quartz and feldspar. Role of activator and sensitizer in luminescent material and defect concentration effect on luminescent solids were explained, e.g. like Dy doped CaSO4 and Carbon and doped Al2O3. Symmetry of the defects plays an important role in the TL/OSL. He suggested to work on type Ib diamond for TL/OSL studies with multispectral detector window.  TL/OSL at low temperature is useful in getting new information.

Anoop V. Mehta, Chairman, GII addressing the participants.

Immediately after the Tea break (11:10), Shri Anoop V. Mehta, Chairman, GII addressed the audience and emphasized importance of R&D in evolving testing methods. He also told experts that GII is the best R&D institute in Gemmology and urged  participants to utilize this opportunity to interact with experts.

 Dr. V. Sudarsan, Chemistry Division, BARC, Mumbai, delivered a talk on Lab grown diamond films functionalized with up-conversion nano-particles for temperature sensing applications. In his talk he spoke on characterization of the nano diamonds produced with Microwave plasma assisted CVD with SEM. The functionalized particles on diamond surface (UCNP) were exposed to 808, 980 and 1084 nm red lasers resulted in green luminescence an increase in energy. This green luminescence consists of two peaks which are affected by the temperature. These UCNP could be used in remote sensing of temperature.

Prof. Pravin Henriques, St. Xavier College, Mumbai, spoke on Gemology of Jades. This talk was primarily focused on Jadeite minerals, its simulants and how they can be identified using routine Gemmological testing.  Aluminium is the key difference between Jadeite and Nephrite and EDXRF can be used for quick identification of the Jadeite.

Prof. Tanuuja Marathe, Ex HOD, Geology Department, Fergusson College, Pune, delivered a talk on Geology of some Important Gem Minerals. She explained different geological processes which lead to the formation of gem minerals in the earth. She further explained geology and internal features of Rubies and sapphires from important geographical locations like Burma, Sri Lanka, Mozambique and Thailand. She concluded with the theory on how Gondwana process where Mozambique gemstone rich belt was spread across current gemstone deposits around the world.

Prof. Padmanabha Rai, from CEBS, DAE at Mumbai University, explained the recent diamond applications in his talk of Applications of quantum computing using NV and SiVtransitions in diamonds. Prof. Rai explained microwave plasma assisted CVD process that they are using for growth of CVD diamonds for a variety of technical and gem applications. He has given technical details like pressure, H2/CH4 gas ratio and temperature required to grow quality diamonds. It takes about four to six weeks to grow   quality diamonds. He has shown from his experiments about how nitrogen and boron impurities affect the quality of the diamonds.

Mr. Mahesh P Gaonkar, Head R&D, GII summarized all the presentations. Dr. AVR Reddy and participants interacted with the experts. Meeting was closed with a vote of thanks by Mr. Mahesh.

Seminar was followed by RAB meeting in which all the Committee members of RAB felt happy about R&D and GII’s recognition as Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (SIRO). They gave various suggestions to improve the R&D.

Participants visited the BDB Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), and were happy to interact with engineers Shri Rajesh Dabhane and Shri  Walter Crasto, BDB. They also visited the solar power system in BDB.

Anoop V. Mehta, Chairman, GII addressing the participants.

Prof. D. Haranth presenting the talk.

Gemmological Institute of India alongwith International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR) of De Beers had organized two days demonstration of instruments in Mumbai for detection of Synthetic diamonds at S. G. Jhaveri Trading Hall, Bharat Diamond Bourse, BKC, Bandra E, Mumbai-400051 on 16th and 17th February, 2015.

The IIDGR team, led by the Commercial Director- Mr. Jamie Clark, Samantha Sibley- Technical Educator, Effie Stewart-Lockhart-Operations Administrator, Dr. Simon Lawson-Head of Technologies, De beers Technologies – UK had organized demonstrations of various instruments developed by DTC for identification of Synthetic Diamonds. Dr. Simon Lawson has given a detailed seminar on Synthetic diamonds to the industry members at the BDB.

The IIDGR markets a range of leading detection instruments that play a vital role in helping diamantaires have confidence in their own inventory. This in turn enables them to provide reassurance to their customers.

All the facilities to identify Synthetic diamonds are also available with Gemmological Institute of India at Bharat Diamond Bourse, G-East Tower, Ground Floor. Trade members can easily avail the services to assure quality of goods before trading.

Samantha Sibley and Effie Stewart-Lockhart giving demonstration of their instruments

Dr. Simon Lawson giving presentation of the Seminar

Sectional view of audience

Dr. Simon Lawson giving presentation of the Seminar

The first Research & Development Laboratory in the field of Gemstones in India recognized by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India as SIRO.

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