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Shri Shyam Jagannathan, Development Commissioner, SEEPZ-SEZ visits GII laboratories in B&G towers, BDB on 3rd October 2022

Shri Shyam Jagannathan, Development Commissioner (DC), SEEPZ-SEZ was invited to visit GII laboratories in BDB complex on 3rd October. He visited B tower lab and was highly impressed about the services as well as clarity with which they are provided to various customers for discriminating their diamonds. For a query on Kiosk charges, Shri Mehulbhai Shah, Vice President, BDB conveyed that charges amount to less than Rs. 4 per cart for star melees, which is the cheapest in the world. He interacted with customers and GII employees manning Kiosk.

DC then visited laboratory and saw 6 laser Raman microscope and other instruments. He was highly impressed and appreciated with the utilisation of high tech equipment in solving various tricky problems associated with characterisation of diamonds. He asked about radiation effects on diamonds and was curious to know the correlation of depth profile and role of radiation treatment on diamonds. He was very happy with logical explanation based on systematic measurement data. DC assured to support all activities that GII proposed to set up in SEEPZ-SEZ. At that juncture, Shri Anoopbhai Mehta, chairman, GII and President, BDP explained “ —- GII is one of the reliable institutes that has expertise is R&D and use of instruments and carry out focused R&D to solve various R&D issues. That is the reason why GII was invited a decade back to open its branch in BDB and serve G&J industry with its R&D, testing services and education programs. There is no doubt that GII will continue to contribute to R&D in the years to come. GII success is due to dedication of employees and trustees as well as faith by customers.—”
Shri Mehulbhai Shah, Shri Anupbhai Zaveri, Managing Trustee, GII and Shri Sandesh Mane, Head, GII labs in BDB besides Shri Anoopbhai Mehta, Chairman, GII represented GII and provided many a clarification. Later chairman accompanied DC to GII laboratory in G tower and explained about the GII Services in G tower and working of various instruments that are being used. DC was highly impressed with the expertise available with GII, proactive role by chairman and other trustees as well as BDP authorities.

From Left to Right: Shri Sandesh Mane and Shri Shyam Jagnnathan.

From Left to Right: Shri Praveen, Seepz, Shri Anupbhai Zaver, Shri Shyam Jagannathan and Shri Sandesh Mane

From Left to Right : Shri Shyam Jagganathan, Shri Anil Chaudhary, Seepz, Shri Mehulbhai Shah, Shri Anoopbhai Mehta, Shri Anupbhai Zaveri.

From Left to Right: Shri Sandesh Mane, Shri Shyam Jagannathan, Shri Anupbhai Zaveri and Shri Mehulbhai Shah


1. Bhabha Atomic research centre (BARC) has organised a two day theme meeting on Strategic Planning for Research Reactor Utilization (RRU-2022) during 6-7 May 2022 at Anushakti nagar Mumbai and Dharmendrakumar Chauhan, Nanddeep Keer and Dr. AVR Reddy of GII participated. A research contribution was poster presented (by Dharmendrakumar and Nanddeep) and an invited talk was delivered by Dr. Reddy.
2. GII has developed a quantitative method to estimate the low levels of cubic zirconia in diamond powder by using EDXRF and validated using Neutron Activation Analysis. It was poster presented in the conference. It was well received.
3. Dr. AVR Reddy was invited to give a talk on future work on Utilization of research reactors in coloured gemstones and diamonds, and he presented some of the earlier work and possible work that can be carried out using reactor neutrons.
4. One of the Trustees, Shri. Shripalkumar Desai spoke in a panel discussion on the status of Neutron irradiations for quality improvement.

Outcome: The results of the estimation of CZ, obtained by EDXRF and NAA methods are in reasonable agreement, as the difference is insignificant. EDXRF method can be used to quantify CZ in the binary systems of diamond Powder and coating of Zirconia. Presentations by other scientists and discussions with them during these two days are very useful.

Gemmological Institute of India, Mumbai, and the National Gem Testing Center, China has entered a historical agreement between them for the development and promotion of various technical and trade-related aspects connected to the Diamond Industry which will be of mutual benefit to both countries.

Technical Collaboration Between Gii and NGTC

Gemmological Institute of India, Mumbai and National Gem Testing Center, China has entered an historical agreement between them for development and promotion of various technical and trade related aspects connected to Diamond Industry which will be of mutual benefit to both the countries.

The MOU is signed by Mr. Bakul R. Mehta, Chairman of GII and Mr. Ye Zhibin, Director of NGTC.

The agreement has paved the way for working together to reinforce the scientific and technical collaboration, and agree to mutually exchange their gem expertise, in particular, the mutual exchange concerning gem and Jewellery grading standards, and utilize this expertise in service to the gem and Jewellery industries in both countries. The close collaboration can help both NGTC and GII strengthening and enhancing gem and Jewellery trade between China and India.

GII and NGTC shall have technical and material collaboration to bring exchange of experience in the form of training course, supporting in acquisition and installation of new materials and equipment, acquisition or donation of sample.

The Collaboration will be a step forward in strengthening the trade relations between the two countries especially in Diamond Trade and Industry. This will definitely give a fillip to the exports of diamonds from India to China.

The first Research & Development Laboratory in the field of Gemstones in India recognized by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India as SIRO.

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