How to Read Certificate

Refers to Certificate Number, It is a unique number given to each certificate. To trace the certificates this number is the only source.

Date on which the stone is tested and issued

Refers to total Diamond Weight

GII defines colour grade of diamond by comparing with international colour grading standards, using light source of 6500 Kelvin.

International Standard of colour Grading.

DExceptional White +Colourless
EExceptional White
FRare WhiteNear Colourless
GRare White
ISlightly tinted whiteFaint Colour
JSlightly tinted white
KTinted White
LTinted White
M-ZTintedVery light to light colour

Clarity of a diamond graded by 10 x magnification by an achromatic  &  an aplanatic loupe.

FL/ IF or Loupe Clean: Free from Internal as well as External Clarity characteristics/Free from internal characteristics inclusions ( Internally flawless)

VVS : Very, very small inclusions

(VVS1, VVS2)

VS: Very small inclusions

(VS1, VS2)

SI: Small inclusions

(SI1 , SI2)

I1: Internal Characteristics/inclusions which are prominent

I2: Internal Characteristics/inclusions which are very prominent

I3: Internal characteristics/inclusions which are extremely prominent.

The cutting style in which the polish of the Diamond is faceted for eg. RBC, Pear, Marquis, Baguette, Princess, etc.

Dimensions in Millimeters (length × Width × total depth in mm)

1. Height: Overall height divided by breadth or average diameter
2. Table: Width of table divided by breadth or average diameter.

Finish is the excellence of polish, external flaws and overall symmetry of a faceted diamond.
1. Polish: Surface finishing of a Diamond
2. Symmetry: The correct facet alignment & overall balance and Proportions of a polished Diamond

Girdle is the diameter of a diamond, dividing the crown above from the pavilion below. This gives the gem a higher measure of transparency.

Graded according to strength and colour of the fluorescence under U.V.light.

Details of Characteristic of the stone not shown on diagram or not covered by the above entries.

The red symbol denotes internal characteristics. Green symbol denotes external characteristics. Symbols indicate nature and position of the Characteristic inclusions not necessary their size.

Indicates the name and signature of the Authenticated gemologist

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