Adhoc Governing body of Asia Pacific Gemstone and Technology Standardization Alliance (AGA) is formed in the meeting held on 19.09.2019 in Hong Kong.

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The second meeting of AGA was organized in NGTC, Bejing on 19.09.2019 during Hong Kongin the Seminar Hall, S228, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wanchai, Hongkong. It was a followup meeting to the first meeting held on 28th February in Hong Kong by 4 founding institutes namely, National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC), Gemmological Institute of India (GII), Gemmological Institute of Thailand (GIT), and China Gems and Jade Exchange (GEC) in which an agreement was signed to form AGA. In addition to the representatives of the above founding institutions, Guild Gem Laboratories (GUILD), The Gemmological Association of Hong Kong Ltd. (GAHK), Colombian Emerald Exporters Association (ACODES), FederacionNacional De Esmeraldas De Colombia (FEDESMERALDAS) and Colombian Emerald Research Centre (CDTEC) were invited to be founding members and their representatives attended the meeting.

The meeting started with a prologue by Dr. Yang Lixin, Director of Standardization office, NGTC. He welcomed all delegates and explained the Agenda. Meeting was chaired by Ms. KeJie, Deputy Director, NGTC and explained members, about the role of AGA. She assured that all the objectives and mission to promote the harmonious development of jewellery industry worldwide, will be worked on. AGA shall be a platform for its members to carry out co-operative scientific research, exchange of technology and experts, sharing of market information, development and implementation of standards in gemstones and testing techniques.

Members spent next two hours on finalizing the draft document of Statutes of AGA which was communicated to all a priori. Dr. Reddy made a few suggestions and corrections in the document and was sent to members before the meeting. Entire discussions revolved around this corrected draft document. It was agreed that the finalized draft document will be e-circulated and will be finalized after four weeks time. Further, members discussedcode of ethics for AGA and finalized format of membership form. However, decision on the quantum of fee wasdeferred until an estimate of annual expenditure is made, which will be done by NGTC. It was unanimously agreed that NGTC, Bejing, China, will be the Head Quarters of AGA and NGTC will take care of initial expenditure. It was proposed that AGA would be formalized on 8th November 2019 in Shanghai. Further, discussions centered around the structure of AGA governance which will consist of Board of Governors, President Secretariat and Technical Executive Committee and a few sub committees. All the founding institution will have a member on the Board of Directors. Dr. Reddy explained the need to have governing members like ad-hoc president and ad-hoc secretary from NGTC for carrying out the work until AGA formally comes into existence, and proposed Ms. KeJie as adhoc president, andDr Yang Lixin as adhoc Secretary of AGA which was agreed by members unanimously. Ms. KeJie and Dr. Yang Lixin thanked members and assured that required initial work will be completed before November 2019 meeting. All the members agreed to send further suggestions, if any, by October 15th to Dr. Yang Lixin tofinalise the draft constitution of AGA and circulate.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair.

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