Gemmological Institute of India (GII) held its40th convocation on 13th December, 2019Two alumni, ShriGadgil, PNG, Sangli and Shri C. P. Singh, Joint Commissioner, SEEPZ were Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively December 13 2019

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Gemmological Institute of India (GII) is known for developing Human Resources through its education programs, besides being a reliable testing institute with matching R&D. It is a matter of pride for GII that it contributes to education  over five decades  since its inception.  These courses are being conducted on regular basis. Hundreds of aspiring gemologists and future diamond traders   obtained diplomas in gemmological course and diamond grading courses.  These courses havesyllabie that cover fundamental aspects of gems and diamonds, mining to marketing, characterization and advanced optical techniques.  Training in the labs under the tutelage of experts provides hands on experience to qualify gems, diamonds and studded jewellery

40th convocation was held on 13th December, 2019, in MCA Lounge, Wankhede Stadium, Churchgate, Mumbai – 400020.    As is the practice, in this convocation platform has been used to present Star Mitra Awards to our valuable clients who have been supporting us  since its inception.  These awards are instituted by wellwishers of GII and Gem and Jewellery Exporters’ Association (GJEA).  GII gives away nine best performing appreciation awards to students.  The function started  by rendering  National Anthem.

Dr. A V R Reddy, CEO, GII has welcomed Chief Guest ShriGadgil, Guest of Honour, Shri C. P Singh, ShriBakul R Mehta, Chairman, ShriAnupZaveri, Managing Trustee,  other Trustees of GII, invitees, colleagues and students.  He shared with the audience that Mr. Gadgil has been associated with various aspects of diamonds, studded jewellery of his 178 year old family business, PNG, Sangli. He is an entrepreneur of high standing.Shri C. P. Singh, IRS, the guest of honour, joint commissioner of SEEPZ who has received many awards including presidential award for his efficient working bearer for the  in various capacities. He is an exemplary and dedicated officer to be emulated by fresh graduates and GII younger colleagues. GII  is proud that both of them belonged to GII  and GII thanks them for accepting our invitation

ShriBakul R Mehta, Chairman, GII in his address congratulated all the students for successfully obtaining the GII diplomas, which will work as passports into Gem and Jewellery trade.  He thanked Mr. Gadgil and Mr. Singh for accepting to be GII guests for this important function.  He explained various achievements of GII during the last two years like significant contribution in R&D, development of new version of QchK machine, continuous and reliable testing services to the traders, sustained working of KIOSK in BDB and organizing an International conference AGDDT-2019.  He emphasized that global traders and institutes, in recognition of these contributions, invited GII to be a founding member of Asia Pacific Gemstone and Technology Standardization Alliance (AGA). Besides National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC), China has signed a well-planned bilateral agreement with GII and I am happy already bilateral cooperation in technical matters started.

Mr. C. P. Singh, Joint Commissioner, SEEPZ, in his address felt happy forbeing amongst GII fraternity to be part of 40th convocation function as a guest of honour.  He told the new fresh graduates that they should feel proud to qualify from such a value based institute like GII.  He assured GII authorities and employees that he would be available for any cooperation to GII activities.  Chief Guest Mr. Gadgil of Purushottam Narayan Gadgil, Sangli admitted that he was overwhelmed to be Chief Guest for convocation function. He told the audience that it reminded him the day he got his diploma from GII.He paid a tribute to late Mr. K T Ramachandran who has nurtured GII and guided many a student throughout his service at GII.   Mr. Gadgil hoped that Mr. Ramachandran’s legacy will continue in the years to come.

Chief Guest Mr. Gadgil and Guest of HonourShri C. P. Singh have given the Diploma Certificates to freshly qualified students.  Shri B. R. Mehta, Chairman, GII has given the appreciation awards to students including newly instituted Cash Award in the name of Late Shri K. T. Ramachandran.  Star-Mitra awards were presented to our valuable clients by ShriAnupZaveri, Managing Trustee, GII.  Smt. Silvia Sequeira and ShriMilind Varhadpande have anchored these programs and ShriKirti P Das and Shruti Parikh organized the entire program.

Dr. M. D. Sastry briefly presented evolution of GII-Arotek, QchK machine and explained the capability of Ultima J, the latest prototypeQChkmachine to detect lab grown diamonds in studded jewellery.He urged all present to see the demonstration of this machine which was arranged at the venue.  ShriAnupZaveri proposed a vote of thanks.  He first congratulated students, award winners and GII employees for organizing the GII 40th convocation.

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